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Who We Are...

We are a group of parents who are either bipolar ourselves, have bipolar children, or both. Most of us have at least one bipolar child, and our bipolar kids range in age from 2 to adult. The focus of our group is to provide mutual support, exchange information and, most of all, to seek positive approaches to the challenges we and our children face. We communicate daily via a mailing list.

We now have several different groups available for support.  By consensus of our core group, we have 4 sub-lists of the main BipolarParents list.  These lists are divided by age groups to better serve you.

What is a mailing list?

Mailing lists allow groups of people to discuss a common interest via email. Instead of manually sending mail to each individual, mailing lists provide a common address which automatically forwards the email all subscribers. The address for our group is, though you must first be a subscriber to send and receive mail.

How do I join?

To join our group, you may send a blank e-mail to Our group is Restricted, which means that all new subscriptions must first be approved by the list manager.  After you subscribe, a request for an introductory letter will be sent to you. Until the introductory letter is received, your request will not be approved. You will also be told about the different lists available and have a chance to indicate if you would like to switch over or join additional lists.

We ask that you take the time to read our list guidelines. They are not much, but will help ensure a good experience for all involved.

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On our lists, we require that everyone either be a parent with bipolar disorder or have a bipolar child. If you do not meet this criteria, there are many other bipolar parenting mailing lists which welcome a wide variety of people, including professionals. Information about other mailing lists is available on our Resources page.

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