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Before you were conceived
vspacer.gif (369 bytes)I wanted you
Before you were born
vspacer.gif (369 bytes)I loved you
Before you were here an hour
vspacer.gif (369 bytes)I would die for you
This is the miracle of life.

from "The Miracle" by Maureen Hawkins

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This site previously was located at   This will be hosted here until a volunteer from the BipolarParents group takes over maintenance of the site.  Thanks- Krista

Our site is designed for parents raising bipolar children, parents who are bipolar themselves, and anyone interested in bipolar parenting. The different sections of our site may be navigated using the buttons on the menu bar. If your computer does not allow you to utilize the this option, you may navigate our site using our text-only site map. Enjoy your visit and come back often!

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Lists available:

BipolarParents is the main list for all.
BipolarparentsY is for parents with pre-school and school-aged children with neurobiological disorders.
BipolarParentsT is for parents of pre-teen and teenage children with NBDs.
BipolarParentsA is for parents of college age and adult children with bipolar.
BrighterDay is for significant others (SOs) of people with bipolar.

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Looking for information on Childhood/Early onset Bipolar Disorder?  New to the diagnosis of Bipolar?  Go to our resources page and you will find links to some of the best information on the web.

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